Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hacking into PhoneGap iPhone/iPad Apps

Initially a lot of web-developers started with PhoneGap which lets you make webpages and embed them inside an iPhone app.

Now similarly its very easy to get access to those web pages. Let me show you how.
Get hold of an phonegap iPhone App. I have one, which I had created a long time back.
- So go to –
- Select iPhone or iPad
- Pick an app for which you want code (Let me pick my application)

- Get the link to the app and open with iTunes

Download the app. It will save the app in your Apps Folder

Right Click on the app and select “Show in Finder”
You will see the .ipa file.
TicTacToe 1.1.ipa
Rename it to
Unzip the file and you will find something like this

Right Click on TicTacToe and select “Show Package Contents” – There will be mostly a folder in it “www” which will have the entire HTML, JS and CSS files or whatever the person used.

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