Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Xcode and #pragma mark

#pragma mark directives in code to help with organization as implementation files grow.
#pragma mark is simple to use,

for example, insert the following to call out initialization code:
#pragma mark -
#pragma mark Initialization

Once this is in place, the Functions Menu (in the navigation bar) which shows a list of locations within a source file (e.g. definitions of classes, functions and methods) will display a new marker with the label "Initialization." The code in line 1 will add a line separator inside the Functions Menu, in this example, with the line appearing above the "Initialization" marker.

The figure that follows shows an example of how you might use #pragma mark to divide up various sections of your code.

Two notes:
  1. You cannot have a space after the "-" in the #pragma mark -
  2. If your code does not appear as expected (e.g. the separator does not appear), check that ‘Sort list alphabetically’ is not checked in the Code Sense preference settings.

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