Tuesday, April 26, 2011

3 Excellent Books on iPhone Development

iPhone has been a rage among users ever since it was launched in 2007 and it continues to be the leading mobile device today with millions of applications in the App Store. It has revolutionized mobile computing by giving everybody an opportunity to develop their own applications for the platform. You probably want to develop your own iPhone application, but the question is – Where to begin? There are hundreds of books available on iPhone programming, but not all of them are good enough to give you a quick head-start. In this article, we’ll tell you about three excellent book on iPhone development, which can quickly get you started with iPhone (and even iPad!) application development. 1. Beginning iPhone Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK
This is perhaps the best book for beginners in iPhone development. The book starts with the basics, walking you through the process of downloading and installing Apple’s free iPhone SDK, then stepping you though the creation of your first simple iPhone application. You’ll move on from there, mastering all the iPhone interface elements that you’ve come to know and love, such as buttons, switches, pickers, toolbars, sliders, etc. It will also introduce you to some more advanced topics like GPS API’s and accelerometer. It’s really a must have book for anyone interested in getting started quickly and efficiently with iPhone development. 2. iPhone Programming – The Big Nerd Ranch Guide

This book leads you through essential tools and techniques for developing applications for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. You’ll learn about mapping services, accessing accelerometer data, handling multi-touch gestures, ways of sorting and loading data, communication with web services and localization. The book has numerous visual cues and code samples, which will help you get a hang of iPhone programming. It really deserves a place on your bookshelf.
3. Programming in Objective C

The book is not iPhone specific, but it’s still very useful as you need to have a solid foundation in Objective C if you want to develop some really cool iPhone applications. The book assumes no prior programming knowledge and serves as an excellent guide for beginners. You’ll learn about the basics of Objective C programming, Foundation Framework and Cocoa and iPhone SDK.The separation of these main topics, Objective-C Language features and the Foundation Framework for example, almost guarantees that there won’t be much confusion if you are learning the language for the first time and that there will be a distinction between the topics and concepts for each section.

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