Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mobile UI Design Tips

  • Consider the font size for people with poorer eyesight.
  • Think about the scaling and sizing of images for different screen sizes and orientations.
  • Analyse colours and their visibility in different lighting conditions and for people with color blindness.
  • Avoid UI bling so the user understands quickly what they are looking at. For example, keep icons simple rather than adding lots of confusing shading.
  • Think about hot spots and content on the UI.
  • Don’t have too many UI designers on the same app. Everyone likes to make their mark on the app and you can end up going around in circles.
  • Don’t over analyse at the start. The end user actually knows best so plan to obtain feedback and iterate. If you really must pre-analyse, have typical end users assess mockups.

Finally think about branding/skinning/white labeling. I have seen so many projects add this late on in the project. It’s far easier to incorporate this from the start rather than add later.

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