Thursday, May 5, 2011

How to Setting up the GIT

Setting Up

Now that you have the pre-reqs all ready, you can proceed with the install.  Open a terminal and cd into the directory where you want to install things.  Then type the following (or just copy and paste the items below):

git clone git:// abbot
cd abbot
rake init
cd ..
git clone git:// samples
cd samples
mkdir -p frameworks
cd frameworks
git clone git:// sproutcore
cd ../..

Add the path to abbot/bin to the beginning of your PATH to be able run the abbot command-line tools (sc-init, sc-server, sc-build, sc-gen, sc-manifest, sc-docs, and more) without having to enter the full path:
export PATH=`pwd`/abbot/bin:$PATH
Make sure you have configured your github account with SSH Keys and Username/Email (Without setting up the SSH key for your machine, you will get a permission denied error when trying to initialize the Git repository)
You should now have the full set of SproutCore tools running the latest Abbot-compatible code.

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