Thursday, May 5, 2011

How to take Screenshot in Mac

In the article you’ll learn how to take screenshot in mac os. Although it’s very easy and quite interesting work but for the new users it’s bit confusing.
But anyways…to take the screenshots in mac os press “Command button +Shift+3″ and it’ll capture & save the image on desktop.
Apart from it there are many more interesting commands to take the screenshot, let’s see below…
1. To select the area and then take the screenshot give following command
“Command button +Shift+4″
2. Press “Command+Shift+4+space” if you wanted to take the screenshot of complete window.
Foregoing commands will save the screenshot at desktop. You can also save the screenshots in to clipboard. To do that you have to press one more button “Control” with the given commands. for example …
Use “Command+ control+ Shift+ 3″ instead of simple
“Command button +Shift+3″ command.
Apart from it mac os provide a software called “Grab” to capture the images in different styles. You can find this software in : Applications->utilities->Grab

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